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PLATO Tutoring
by Course Designer - Thursday, August 8, 2013, 12:26 PM

PLATO help now is open to everyone. Once you log in (click the link on the left side), you can complete the ACCUCESS to see what areas of Math, English and Reading you most need online tutoring. This is voluntary. If you choose to do these, please take your time with these (allot 2 hours for EACH one). When you finish, PLATO will open up other modules for you, to help you in your areas of weakness. The results do NOT affect your GPA, grades, or any areas of class. This is a separate system, and this is for your help ONLY. Unless otherwise noted by your instructor, this assessment is not worth credit in your class. We do NOT track progress unless you ask us for help to interpret it. Your login is as follows:

Account Login: netc

PLATO NAME: Your Moodle login prefix MINUS the (e.g.'s login is simply johnsmith

Password: Your student ID MINUS any zeroes that precede the ID number (e.g. ID #01234560 should be entered as 1234560)